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We've been planning for a decade

Step into a planning process designed solely around you, free from product sales and commissions. Here, we offer not just numbers but a specialized guide to your financial aspirations through our years of experience. 

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FIRE Planning

As an advice-only Financial Planner, I love working with those who are as engaged about their finances as I am. I strive to empower those who are keen on achieving FIRE to find a balanced approach to frugality, savings, and meaningful spending.


Whether you're just initiating your FIRE journey or are well on your way, our consultation offers the analytical rigour and strategic guidance you need to successfully navigate this aggressive financial path. Here, the end goal is not just long-term financial security but achieving a life unencumbered by financial constraints as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Thinking about Retirement?

Standing at the precipice of retirement, you face complex financial decisions that will impact the quality and sustainability of your dreams and plans.


We go beyond the numbers, delving into the lifestyle aspects of retirement. Whether you're considering downsizing, travel, or even a late-career change, our holistic planning approach aims to make your aspirations financially feasible.


Our advisory employs leading financial modelling tools designed to project various retirement scenarios, considering factors such as withdrawal rates, potential health costs, and inflation. Coupled with this is a focus on evidence and data-based approaches to make the best plan for your vision.


If you're on the cusp of retirement and looking for expert advice to secure a comfortable and financially sound future, our consultative services offer the strategic foresight to help you transition confidently into this new chapter of life.


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Need a Second Opinion?

When it comes to your financial plan, a second look can offer invaluable insights, whether you're seeking validation of your existing strategies or contemplating a major overhaul.


Financial planning isn't solely about numbers; it's about aligning your financial decisions with your life goals and values. Therefore, our approach takes a deep dive into the qualitative aspects of your plan—be it early retirement aspirations, estate planning considerations, or specific lifestyle choices.


Our advisory is designed to rigorously assess your current plan's strengths and weaknesses using cutting-edge financial analysis tools rooted in evidence and data-based philosophies.


If you're searching for an impartial second opinion to validate or recalibrate your financial flight plan, our specialized advice-only services offer the strategic insights you need to navigate your financial future with renewed clarity and confidence.


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Recent Graduates

Navigating the shift from the academic world into professional life presents many financial questions and opportunities. As advice-only Financial Planners, we relish the opportunity to provide unbiased, strategic advice tailored to your unique needs.


Our approach is about setting the stage for whatever may be next piloted by evidence-based advice and your personal mission. Importantly, our advisory also takes a holistic view, including early career development, debt management, and even lifestyle design—because your first paycheque should be a stepping stone, not just a safety net.


Whether you're grappling with student loans, considering a first-time home purchase, or trying to understand retirement account options, our services provide the technical insights and tactical steps for financial stability and growth.


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Get in Touch

Ready for a dynamic approach to financial planning? Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation and experience a tailored financial journey that evolves with you.

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