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A photo of Ben sitting on the Halifax waterfront with the Aergo bird logo in the background

Hey there!

I'm Ben (he/him) - Founder and Financial Planner of Aergo and Self Professed Personal Finance Nerd.


While financial models and Monte Carlo simulations are my idea of a good time, it's working with people that genuinely adds complexity, gratification, and nuance to my work. My years of helping Canadians simplify their finances have helped people find a balance between enjoying today and preparing for tomorrow. Let's make your dreams into your plan and your plan into your future!

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Image by Cody West

My Story

After grinding for a decade in the traditional wealth management industry, I had enough of selling someone else's products and offering quality advice to people with enough zeros on their bank balance. Over the last few years, the conceptual blueprint of helping people without product sales has been percolating in my mind. Fast-forward to 2023 when opportunity struck, and here we are— Aergo Financial Planning is my full-time gig now.

Over the last decade, my professional journey has been a winding journey from aiding early-career physicians to providing advice to a diverse client group, ranging from millennials to nonagenarians and from those with negative net worth to those with many zeros.


This breadth of experience has reinforced my belief that comprehensive financial planning holds intrinsic value for all.

A photo of Ben with his wife Paige in Digby NS.
Image by Chen Liu

As a lifelong East Coaster, I've learned that life has a different speed out East. This culture of not taking life too seriously has informed two core beliefs:


The notion of "enough" isn't abstract; it's quantifiable and unique to each person


Money is ultimately for doing the things we want to do, not an end to itself

When I'm not nose-deep in a financial model, you'll likely catch me at home, cooking something needlessly complicated yet delicious, alongside my wife, Paige, as our dog, Noodle, maintains quality control. Given my work's digital nature, I avoid screen time by taking on too many home projects. During the colder months, you can often find me at my local curling club as a long-time player and as a board member serving as the Vice President of Finance. 

Our dog Noodle running on a sandy beach
Image by Francis Bouffard

Academically, I graduated from NSCC in 2012, majoring in Business Administration with a focus on Investment Management. Over the last decade, I have worked in four cities in three provinces, but I am currently calling Halifax home. I previously held licenses to sell securities and insurance, but due to the conflict associated with advice and sales, I have since let them lapse. In 2018, I obtained what is now the QAFP credential and in 2021, I succeeded in becoming a CFP professional.

Work With Us

Ready for a dynamic approach to financial planning? Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation and experience a tailored financial journey that evolves with you.

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