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Charting Your Financial Altitude

Physician finances are unique, from large debt loads to deferred earnings and milestones. Get tailored advice at all stages from a CFP® Professional with no products, no commissions, just pure advice.

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Medical Students

As a medical student, your path to a fulfilling career is rigorous and complex, much like the financial landscape you must navigate.


Our Medical Student Intro to Finance is designed to provide you with financial acumen that’s as precise as your clinical skills. Build out the foundation for the next few years as you learn, practice, and prepare for residency. This includes debt management strategies, budgeting techniques, and insurance considerations tailored to your medical career trajectory from a conflict-free planner who has helped hundreds of medical students across Canada.


There are always unexpected developments in medicine, and your financial life is no different. When you book a session with us, you can access unlimited email questions for the remainder of your medical school journey and a discounted transition to residency meeting.


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As a resident, you're at a critical juncture where your choices can significantly influence your medical and financial futures.


Our resident financial foundation plan equips you with the fiscal tools and strategies to complement your budding medical career.


As a resident, your income begins, as does the reality of debt. While this reality hits, every resident has unique ambitions, be it specializing further, starting a family or aiming for work-life balance. We tailor your financial plan to align with these goals, incorporating aspects like loan repayment, emergency funds, and what to look out for in the future. Our tactical financial guidance is available to help you adapt and make informed decisions.


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Specialization isn’t just for your medical practice; your finances deserve the same.


When you are navigating different income streams, considering going to the US or getting ready for your transition to independent practice, getting unbiased advice tailored to your personal situation is turning your aspirations into reality.


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Transition to
Independent Practice

Transitioning from training to full-fledged medical practice brings not just a leap in professional responsibility but also a significant uptick in financial complexity.


Our 24-month Plan to Practice aims to guide you through this transformative phase with a tactical financial blueprint.


Managing this income surge effectively is crucial as you move from a resident salary to professional billing. Our initial focus is on structuring your newfound wealth to maximize efficiency while also living the life you want to live.


Stepping into practice means new financial goals, from buying a home to initiating retirement savings or perhaps even starting your own practice. We tailor your financial plan to seamlessly align with these diverse objectives, incorporating elements like debt management, efficiency, and when and if incorporation makes sense.


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Doctor and Patient

Practicing Physicians

You've navigated a gruelling educational path and solidified your position as a practicing physician. You're at the zenith of your career, and your financial landscape be ready to fly.


Your financial goals now extend beyond immediate concerns to encompass legacy planning, asset protection, and perhaps even charitable giving. Our customized financial flight plans incorporate these broad objectives while still keeping an eye on the details, like debt management and tax efficiency.


As a physician, your financial advisory needs are both complex and unique. Our fee structure reflects this, offering customized pricing options that range from fixed project fees to retainer options of having a personal CFO.


In medicine, getting unbiased advice can be life-saving; in finance, it can be wealth-saving.


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Ready to align your financial well-being with your medical career? Reach out today to begin your tailored financial planning journey and gain the peace of mind that comes from informed, strategic financial decisions.

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