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Our Philosophy

"Plans are Nothing; Planning is Everthing" - Eisenhower

Crystal Balls are Fiction

We consider this a fundamental truth, yet if you tune into much of the financial punditry out there, you'd be led to believe their worth is predicated on achieving the impossible. By proactively engaging in financial planning, we equip ourselves to navigate diverse scenarios that could materialize over time. This proactive approach doesn't just bolster financial resilience; it allows individuals to live the life they want to live both today and in the future. " Below are some core principles that underpin our client interactions and the financial advice we dispense.​

Follow the Evidence

Our advice is firmly rooted in empirical research, encompassing the latest advancements in portfolio management, financial planning assumptions, and behavioural economics. We are comfortable with the concept of "I don't know, " followed by vigorous research to fit it into our mental model. This replaces rule-of-thumb approaches and conjectural advice that are all too common in the industry. For us, learning extends beyond just amassing formal qualifications; it's an ongoing journey of intellectual growth. Learn something new everyday.

Financial Planning adds Value in both Dollars and Well-being

The pinnacle of value that a Financial Planner can offer is facilitating an individual's ability to sustain their desired lifestyle throughout their lifetime without financial anxieties. When executed with the client's best interests at the forefront, financial planning is an intimate and noble pursuit. Financial planning transcends mere job titles; it embodies a guiding philosophy and constitutes an evolving practice.

Insurance is a Tool

In our purview, insurance is not an asset class to invest in but a risk management tool designed to safeguard your financial foundation and cover off plans around the question of "what if". In very specific circumstances, having insurance that lasts your lifetime can make sense but often comes with substantial trade-offs. In other words, we see it as a tactical instrument that protects rather than maximizes returns.

Money is simply a means to an End

We recognize that life's greatest joys don't always come with a dollar sign attached, and the prospect of financial planning shouldn't pigeonhole you into austerity. Financial freedom is not just about amassing a large nest egg; it's also about enjoying the journey and spending on what brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Taxes are Okay

In the realm of financial planning, taxes are often viewed as a necessary evil to be minimized at all costs. However, our philosophy takes a more nuanced stance on taxation; we see it as an integral component of a well-functioning society and economy. While tax efficiency is crucial in portfolio construction and wealth preservation, it's essential to remember that paying taxes is not antithetical to financial health. In fact, a higher tax bill can sometimes be indicative of increased income or capital gains—markers of financial success. We encourage clients to view them as contributing to collective well-being, even as we employ strategies to ensure you meet your obligations in the most efficient manner possible. Often, strategies that purport to reduce tax today or at passing are inefficient through the lens of a lifetime. Ultimately, what matters is the dollars in your bank account, not how much goes to the government.

Everyone is Unique


At the core of our philosophy is the belief that each client is unique, necessitating a tailored, comprehensive approach beyond mere numbers. Before crafting any financial strategies, we invest time in understanding who you are, what drives you, and what you aspire to achieve.

Investing is a Solved Puzzle

The data is clear - for most people, investing in broadly diversified, low-cost index funds with an allocation based on their risk tolerance and capacity is the best plan. This approach capitalizes on market efficiencies and is backed by years of research from Markowitz to Fama and French. With empirical evidence highlighting the consistent performance of low-cost index funds over time, this investment strategy is a cornerstone for crafting financial plans for real people.

Sound like you?

Ready for a dynamic approach to financial planning? Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation and experience a tailored financial journey that evolves with you.

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